Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We began our season on August 1st with our annual Club Camp. We took the opportunity to have DI introduce the appropriate techniques for our new warm-up and injury/ACL prevention program - "FIFA 11+". “The 11+” is a complete warm-up package for soccer players. The program was developed by an international group of experts. In a scientific study it was shown that female youth football teams using “The 11+” as a standard warm-up had significant lower risk for injuries than teams that warmed-up as usual.

The season transitioned into our annual Crew training event in the Columbus Crew stadium with the Crew staff, an evening that concluded at The Ohio State University vs. University of Kentucky Women's Soccer game.

Pre-season concluded with our annual Cincinnati United Cup, an event made possible by the volunteerism of our families and the leadership of Bobby Puppione. We were very proud of the play of all of our teams, all of which performed well over the weekend. Multiple CUP girls' teams reached the finals and/or won championships.

Our staff is grateful to have so many wonderful families and players in our organization, and we are eager to continue the season and make all of our players better.