Thursday, May 20, 2010

Champions League Final

The next seven weeks will be every soccer fan's paradise, beginning with the Champions League Final on Saturday May 22nd at 2:45, and concluding with the World Cup early this summer.

Saturday's final will be a chess match between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich. Both teams are full of many of the greatest players in the world. Many of the faces you will see on Saturday will be seen in the World Cup weeks later. The match will be a learning opportunity for the players who choose to watch.

As you watch the match, seek to understand the moments Inter Milan looks to counter attack. Is there a specific pattern or visual cue? Which players do they counter with and which players choose not to get forward? Finally, which player do you believe had the greatest impact on the game - - and why?

Understanding why a player had an impact on the game for their team may help you understand how you can better make an impact on the game for your team.